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Raw Element Dance Company

    Chosen1s Youth .    Cool KIdz Teens .    RatedR adults

RatedR Adult Company, is a group of inspiring, innovative and creative dancers expanding their dance talents through different avenues such as , mentoring , choreography and teaching skills as well as learning the business side to the dance Industry .

   RatedR has performed all around the Washington DC area as well as Baltimore ,Florida , NYC, Philadelphia and New Jersey .

   Majority of the Adult dancers have been down the Cool kid road , so they come back and help walk through the journey with the youth and teen dancers by providing class demonstrations , video shoots and performance opportunities .

  RatedR adult company is about expanding their dance knowledge and having the confidence to pursue their goals .Whether its dance , school or in the work field .

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RatedR Adult Co. Booking 

Choreography Booking Prices

Choreography / $300.00 -$500.00

 Dancer Booking Prices

Artist Video shoots / $75.00 - $250.00

Background dancing / $90.00 - $150.00

Workshop classes

1 class - $140.00

Artist development

4 sessions / 60 mins - $300.00